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Emma and Gary would love to be your wedding photographers

Wedding Photography to Leave You Breathless

You have chosen your venue and set the date. The next thing to do is to book your wedding photographer.

Your perfect wedding day is forming in your head, and you can’t wait to be there in person. You are dreaming about a fun and relaxed morning, getting ready to make promises to each other to last a lifetime. The excitement of the journey to your venue – whether it’s by car or just downstairs in the hotel you’re staying in! That moment when you meet together, to look into each other’s eyes and promise to be together forever. 

And then the celebration! When you eat and laugh and kick your shoes of to party with all you love. 

When you book us as your photographers, you are choosing beautiful portraits of the whole day. Shot by experiences, award-winning photographers, who care as much about your images as you do. 

Our Style of Wedding Photography

You are choosing the perfect balance of perfectly posed, beautifully lit, intimate portraits; documentary style, fun moments that tell the story of your whole day and those tiny details that you worked so hard to get right, captured for you to remember.

Emma and Gary each have 15 years experience as photographers. Both have qualifications in photography with international societies, both have been named photographer of the year in different genres and Gary was overall Photographer of the Year 2021-2022 with the British Institue of Professional Photographers.

But enough about what qualifies us to be your photographers – what’s important to you is our personalities. Well, we are both very different but we work perfectly together to capture your day. Gary is a northern lad through and through, with a dry sense of humour and a level of perfectionism that cannot be matched. He is the king of the portrait, and the master of light. Emma is a southerner – she gets vertigo when further north than Manchester! She loves kids and babies and is great at seeing moments happen naturally in the in the crowd at a wedding. When working together, Gary gets frowny while concentrating and Emma rolls her eyes a lot. We have experience working all over the UK and we will travel anywhere to photograph your wedding. We see things diffferently from each other, which means that together we capture everything with our cameras.